Roger Young Pottery

15 Old McDonald Road

LaVale, Maryland 21502

Phone:  412.295.3540



Roger Young has been crafting high quality, hand-thrown, functional pottery since 1976. He is most noted for his colorful combinations of lead-free glazes, most notably his perfection of the copper red glaze. All of Roger's pottery is fired in high-fire kilns, creating vibrant masterpieces. Roger's pottery is fully functional for everyday use. Every piece is oven-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe.

About Us

Roger Young currently has over 50 pottery designs and glaze combinations to choose from.

The designs include functional kitchenware, kitchen accessories, bake ware, serving ware, display pieces, candle and lamp lights, and much more. 
  • Kitchenware offered are various styles of mugs, glasses, dinner and luncheon plates, bowls in styles of small, medium, and large, and soup latrine
  • Kitchen accessories such as soap pump, olive oil jar, garlic jar, sugar bowls, honey pot, mortar and pestle, creamer, canister sets, utensil crock, butter dish, salt & pepper shaker, berry colander, large colander
  • Bake ware offered are various sizes of shallow and deep baking dishes, pie plates, bowls, bean pots
  • Serving ware pieces include small, medium, and large bowls and plates, pitchers for gravy or drinks, Hors d'oeuvre plates
  • Display pieces include various sizes and styles of vases, bowls, and mirrors
  • Candle and lamp lights such as open flame (with glass globe and wick), hurricane (with glass glove and wick), candlestick (with wick), and various lamps wired for electricity.